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Make security a defining characteristic of every new build you line up for deployment. Increase your compliance and customer satisfaction with applications that are secure by design.

Why implement DevSecOps for your business?

Teams who include security practices in their development process are 1.6x more likely to exceed their organizational goals.

Stronger, more reliable security

DevSecOps gives security the attention it deserves straight away. Enables all departments to work together by sharing their knowledge and expertise to devise a custom security solution that works within the application context. Furthermore, by implementing frequent micro-updates throughout the application lifecycle, the software is safe from the latest threats as they occur.

Smarter collaboration, smoother workflow

In companies with a DevSecOps culture, all team members are expected to possess a strong understanding of security practices. Every team member should consider the security implications of their work and contribute to the overall security of the project. This approach allows for a more holistic view of security. It will enable all team members to play their part in keeping applications safe, secure, and compliant rather than relying solely on dedicated security specialists.

Faster, rapid software delivery

Software and application development can progress at a much faster pace than ever before. What is unique about DevSecOps is that doing so is much quicker, cheaper, and more efficient. That’s because, each step of the way, the code can be reviewed, scanned, audited, and tested for security purposes virtually any time.

Automated security testing

Automation and automated security testing are critical elements of any security solution. Identifying potential security risks early on gives team members the free time and space to resolve issues before launch. Incorporating security into the processes, rather than as a last-minute addition, allows for a more seamless and integrated approach to security. This way, we ensure that security is not treated as an afterthought but as a fundamental component of the project. Organizations can build more secure and compliant applications by prioritizing security and integrating it into every stage of the development and IT operations processes.

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