A small team doing big work

We are a team of experienced professionals, who excel at solving various business challenges. From full-stack app development, cloud solutions, blockchain solutions and DevOps services to Machine Learning — we provide end-to-end solutions and support for your business.

Our core values include transparency, high-trust & independent teams; building incredible developer experiences and delivering web / mobile experiences that feel amazing to use on every device.

Our Team

Mehmetali Shaqiri

Founder and CTO

Safet Rama

Managing Partner / Business Development Manager

Rozafë Llalloshi

VP of Engineering

Labeat Arbneshi

Full-Stack Developer

Vegim Luboteni

Full-Stack Developer

Fabian Berisha

Full-Stack Developer / DevOps Engineer

Leonit Shaqiri

Front End Developer

Agon Agushi

Front End Developer

Ujëbardha Bekolli

Content Writer

Aulona Muqa


Aurola Zeneli

Front-End Developer

Bleona Konjuhi

Front-End Developer

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