Adopt Kubernetes with the help of Kubernetes-certified DevOps Engineers

Kubernetes: The Easy Way

Appstellar is a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider, so it's safe to say that you can fully trust us with your Kubernetes consulting, implementation, support, and maintenance. Our team of DevOps Engineers and Certified Kubernetes Administrators (CKA) will help you improve your cloud infrastructure or migrate to one.

How Kubernetes helps your business

Kubernetes is an open-source container orchestration solution that empowers fast and scalable deployment practices across public and private clouds. Other benefits for organizations include:

1. Simplified processes → Accelerated release timeframes

Kubernetes makes development, release, and deployment processes less complicated. As a result, teams are more focused and efficient, accelerating release timeframes.

2. Optimized costs on ecosystem management

Kubernetes enablement can help your organization save on your ecosystem management so that there’s room for scalability across multiple environments based on your needs.

3. Flexibility in multi-cloud environments

Containerization and Kubernetes make it possible to realize the promises of the new hybrid and multi-cloud environments. This means the operation of applications in any public and private environment is guaranteed without functional losses.

4. New added features, no disruption

Kubernetes enables you to add new features to, let’s say, your game app without disrupting the millions of users playing the game in those moments.

5. Cloud migration

Kubernetes facilitates the migration of applications from an on-premises environment to public or private clouds.

Why trust us with your Kubernetes Enablement

Making the decision to embark on your Kubernetes journey can feel overwhelming. Our Kubernetes expert (CKA and Kubernetes trainer) will jump on a no-commitment call with you to answer all the questions you might have.

And if we decide to work together, you’ll continue to receive professional consulting, not only implementation.

Simply said, we will be your partner in Kubernetes enablement!

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