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Continuous Monitoring

Continuous Monitoring is the practice of continuously monitoring the performance, availability, and reliability of the infrastructure.

Pair rapid releases with foolproof observability to measure everything that matters. Collect new insights for retrospective analysis to harness further operational improvements

Continuous Monitoring Business Benefits

Greater visibility and transparency

Continuous Monitoring enables DevOps teams to achieve clarity on the IT infrastructure’s state through automated data collection and analysis. This ensures that DevOps teams can identify significant trends and resolve all possible outages in real-time.

Meaningful insights

The right strategy enables organizations to gain relevant insights and a clear picture of their business performance. By continuously collecting and analyzing data from a variety of sources, organizations can gain meaningful insights into the state of their infrastructure and identify areas for improvement.

Identify and resolve issues quickly

Identify issues as soon as they occur, rather than waiting for them to become major disruptions. This allows organizations to proactively address problems, minimizing their impact and ensuring that systems and services remain available and performing at their best.

Better decision-making

Continuous monitoring provides a wealth of data that can be used for better decision making. By analyzing this data, you can identify trends, patterns, and opportunities that may not be immediately apparent.

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