The DevOps and Kubernetes Fundamentals Training Kicks Off



Appstellar in partnership with Innovation Centre Kosovo start off the 1st of twenty 3-hour sessions of training on DevOps and Kubernetes.

Tuesday was the 1st of 20 sessions of the DevOps and Kubernetes Fundamentals training.

As a growing number of companies are moving to the #cloud and seek to implement DevOps practices, the need for qualified DevOps engineers is soaring.

There is huge demand for DevOps engineers and great talent out there but no local trainings on it (that we know of, at least). So, we took this initiative to equip the next generation of DevOps Engineers with the necessary skills they need to start off their DevOps careers right. By the end of the 7-week training, they will be fully prepared for the market.

Objectives of the Training

  • Gaining a fundamental understanding of DevOps and why it matters
  • Learning Kubernetes fundamentals
  • Why automation, culture, and metrics are essential to a successful DevOps project.
  • How DevOps can positively impact your business's bottom line.
  • Learning how to move your application to the container world
  • Learning how to manipulate your application by Kubernetes
  • Learning how to work with Kubernetes in AWS
  • Why automation, culture, and metrics are essential to a successful DevOps project.
  • How DevOps can positively impact your business's bottom line
  • Improving time-to-market with Kubernetes and Continuous Delivery
  • Learning how to monitor, log, and troubleshoot your application with Kubernetes

5 Reasons to Become a DevOps Engineer

1. High Demand

Career opportunities: DevOps engineers are in high demand and this is not expected to change in the future. If anything, it's only expected to increase. They enjoy high salaries and some of the best conditions in the High-Tech industry.

2. Understanding the bigger picture

DevOps engineers must understand more than how code works, they need to understand how it all works. How can this piece of code the developer just wrote become usable by every person with a computer? When it doesn’t work, what is the underlying root cause?

3. Room for creativity

The whole point of the DevOps culture is to improve the process of software development. You can always implement other people ideas (that are becoming industry standard), or let your creativity speak and come up with your own ideas.

4. Constant learning

DevOps never bores you. The ever-evolving technological stack and the vast variety of existing technologies and tools make it impossible to know everything, but as a DevOps engineer, you will often have to learn new skills in order to get things done.

5. It's Process-Focused

DevOps is for people who are more interested in the process than in the product... but care about the customers too.

The training will be held three times a week from the 1st of February until the 17th of March, 2022. Since there has been high interest in the training, we will be having a second edition soon after this one wraps up. If you are one of them, follow our and ICK's posts on social media to hear about the open call for applications.

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